Vintage Schwinn 1962 American heavy duty barn find built of 100% USA made parts

Barn Find! This 1962 Schwinn Heavy Duty is the Model referred to as American, is almost completely original! With a bike built this well it is here to stay for plenty of, many more years. The American boasted everything used to be american made, this is a classic built here in america in Chicago! Being original, it is only like the bike many had growing up. This is complete, with air in the dry rotten tires, you want to ride it now. Keep it as a RAT ROD or complete restore it. The Bike has at one time in its life had a candy red paint sprayed over it, but you’ll still see the original decals through it. The bike has surface rust in every single place, that may be sodium blasted and a quality painter can make it look new. The Bendix Red Band hub is complete and still works, but could use fresh grease.. The Ashtabula fork looks to be bent back about 3/4″. The Bike still has the Ashtabula forged stem and original grips. The back tire is original to the bike, the front is a Schwinn branded tire, of a different tread pattern. The $175 purchase price is to cover the boxing charge of  $50. so don’t offer me less than the $150.


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