Vintage Colnago Superissimo late 80’s & original Timothy Raines artwork


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This Vintage Colnago frame (59cm) was once bought by me from the original owner who only rode it three months before stripping it of components and storing in a closet until I built this single speed bike. Could be a fixie if you turn the rear wheel. No expense was once spared on components and modernizing an Italian frame requires several very expensive and hard to find parts, such as the Italian threaded Velo Orange Bottom Bracket. A large number of time went into the build. The bike is lovingly ridden in dry weather but not frequently and when not being gently used, it is part of an art installation with an original acrylic on canvas from recent artist of Icons, Timothy Raines. 

The Raines painting by myself is valued at $3500 and the artist is licensed and paints for clients like MLB, IndyCar, Vueve Cliquot, Tod’s of Italy, Budweiser, NHL, Aston Martin, and plenty of more. Cranks are perfectly matched from Paul Components, the “Royal Flush”, which goes well with the Colnago Club logo. (Retail $350). Paul Component brake levers connect to Campagnolo brakes. Quilted leather saddle, two pair of pedals (very nice VComps not shown or installed yet), Frame mounted whiskey flask. 

This is an awesome bike for showing off on your loft wall when not riding, don’t put this in the garage, this is a work of art!

Perfect for riders 5’11” to 6’3″. This frame is a performer! Perfect flex for quick starts off the line, easy to ride, and turns heads! This frame is almost perfect, with only minor wear. 

Some slight damage to artwork frame (not bike frame) and shown in the photo. Looks like some tape pulled off one of the vital silver. 


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