Vintage Campagnolo Record Wheelset 700C 36 Spoke Ambrosio Montreal Tubular 126mm


Vintage 700C Wheelset – Campagnolo Record Hubs, Ambrosio Montreal Durex Rims

  • 36 Spoke Tubular, Presta Valves, Rear Freewheel
  • Vittoria Corso Tubular tires
  • Rim Brakes
  • Uni Aero Dyno Proven Wheel Cover on rear wheel
  • 126 mm rear axle
  • Freewheel Hub (freewheel is not included)

Based on information we could find on Velobase, these look to be early 80’s (based on the rims). Wheels feel to be in very good condition. Axles turn smoothly. Rims do not have excessive wear and the tires feell ike they have good life. You can still feel the ridges in the center of the front tire. Side gumwalls look ugly as they usually do on older tubulars from the glue, but the feel of the gumwalls themselves is pretty good, doesn’t feel rotted out. This does not have the skewers. As these were received in a donation drive we know nothing about the history of these wheels.

This is not a perfect item! Here are a couple of things you need to realize: Please note, this is part of the description!

  • One: Because our products are donated items, we probably don’t know much about the history of the items.
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