Vintage 80s Schwinn Impact mountain bike MTB with large 23″ Chrome-Moly frame


Please note: 
You will have to be willing and ready to select up this bicycle in Reno, Nevada
within two weeks from the close of this listing.


The frame size of this bicycle is 23″,
measured from the center of the crank spindle to the top of the seat tube.

This is large, ridable only by taller riders (no less than 5′ 10″ or so, depending on inseam)

Made in Taiwan

It may be very dirty, and in need of a thorough cleaning and bearing repack.
The left-side pedal is stuck, and it’s wrench flats at the moment are rounded.
(Yes, I know about left and right-handed threads on pedals)

Indexed thumb shifters
Made in about 1988

Chrome Moly frame tubes and stays

Non original parts:
Seatpost (it’s now an integrated aluminum type, was once a steel one, which bent)
Aluminum handlebar (replaced the original steel bar)
Pedals (original plastic pedals have been replaced with aluminum ones with toe clips and straps)

One of the rim strips is missing
I’ll include a set of good usable knobbies and a pair of tubes that it sounds as if require patching

Darron in Reno


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