Trek ALR Emonda 54cm *15 Miles* Full Ultegra Groupset


This bike is practically new! As you’ll see in the pics, it still has factory plastic at the rear derailleur and both shifters.  It has been out for one 15 mile ride. I took it by a local shop and the owner said it looked good enough to be sold as a new one that any individual took on a test ride.

I left the pedals on in the pictures to further show that the bike has not seen the road (the shop put them on when the bike was once purchased), but they don’t come with the bike.

The cadence magnet and sensor is at the bike but the computer isn’t.

I am listing this in the community as well. I can delete the eBay listing if it sells in the community.

If shipped, it is going to be professionally packed by a bicycle shop and shipped UPS or FedEx. It may be picked up in the community without the packaging/shipping cost.


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