Trek 8000 Mountain Bike, 1993 Vintage Mtb


Used ’93 Trek 8000, most commonly original, beautiful lime green color, decals are in great shape, the frame has some chips, no dents. The frame has been clear Coated and shines nicely. I built this as a project to keep and completely disassembled the bike, cleaning and lubricating all moving parts.  The bike looks superb but it’s 24 years old so it isn’t best possible.  I replaced the shifters with XT rapid fire seven speed shifters.  This setup shifts very smooth and precise.  The brake pads are new Koolstop eagles all of the way around.  I love this bike however it seems that the size is too small for me. It is a 16.5″ frame. The fork is smooth and holds air.  Please email with questions, thanks.  


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