Simple Cruiser Single Bicycle White By Giant [email protected]@K !!!!


Simple Cruiser Bicycle.   By Giant.  Single speed.   White.   And yes,  you’re going to get the nifty water bottle holder as well.   Not exactly factory.  Bike was once purchased from Cardinal Bicycle in Roanoke VA.   No idea what year it was once purchased,  as this is from a local estate.  Still has the factory Road Star tires on it,  and they’re cool.   Adjustable seat.  From the ground to the top of the handlebars is kind of 43 1/4 “.   From the ground to the top of the tires is 26 “.  Total length of the bike is kind of 71 “.   Just a super cool taking a look bike.  Some wear and scratches from age and having been used / stored.    PLEASE note :  this is marked as local pickup only.   Then again,  if you live anywhere between Bristol TN and Boston MA, we may well be capable to bring it to you.  I commute that corridor each and every week on business.  Let me know if you can also need that service !


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