Shimano Ultegra Road Tubeless WH-6700 Used Great Condition


Shimano Ultegra WH-6700 Road Tubeless Wheelset. Used but in great condition. Wheels have lower than 500 miles ridden and are in great Form as footage mirror. Very slight wear on braking surface. Spherical and True. MSRP$650.00

Ultegra blends race-proven technology with ergonomic perfection. Ultegra Wheel Set features lightweight 10-Speed compatible alloy axles and freehub body with 16×20 straight pull chrome steel spokes. 

Shimano Ultegra 6700 Clincher/Tubeless Wheelset Specifications:

  • Wheel:front / rear 
  • Brake Kind: rim brake / rim brake 
  • Cassette Compatibility: 8/9/10-speed 
  • Over Locknut: 100mm / 130mm 
  • Axle Kind: Quick Liberate / Fast Liberate 
  • QR Skewer Length: 133mm /163mm 
  • Axle Length: 108mm / 141mm 
  • Axle Subject material: aluminium / aluminium 
  • Hub Shell Subject material: aluminium / aluminium 
  • Hub Shell Finish: Buffed / Anodized 
  • QR Lever Subject material: aluminium / aluminium 
  • QR Lever Finish: anodized / anodized 
  • Rim Kind: Tubeless 
  • Rim Size: 622x15C (700C) 
  • Rim Subject material: aluminium 
  • Rim Height: 24mm / 23mm 
  • Rim Width: 20.8mm / 20.8mm 
  • Spoke Gauge/Form: Front: 2.0-1.5-2.0/ Straight pull, Bladed / Rear: RH:2.0-1.8-2.0 / Straight pull, Bladed LH:2.0-1.5-2.0/ Straight pull, Bladed 
  • Spoke Subject material: stainless steel /chrome steel 
  • Nipple Subject material: aluminium / aluminium 
  • Average Weight: 1652g pair


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