NORTHWAVE Outcross Plus Mountain Cycling Shoes Black Mens 45 12 29.3


– Explorer sole with a calibrated stiffness midsole combines optimal power transfer in the pedal area with an ideally flexible medial zone so it also feels great when walking
– 28% more abrasion resistant than TPU, the Michelin rubber tread provides excellent grip on all surfaces
– Extremely comfortable 3D mesh upper coated with a highly wear-resistant protective film with strategically placed affect-resistant reinforcements
– SLW2 dial, the only one with step-by-step and full release in a single button plus 2 asymmetrical straps
– Integrated heel system ensures efficient heel retention


– Explorer sole co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles:
Northwave developed this sole with Michelin Technical Soles to combine XC performance with the traction to walk securely on any terrain. The calibrated stiffness midsole unleashes pure power in the pedal area, even as the more flexible medial zone makes it feel great when walking. The tread, whose pattern is inspired by two Michelin off-road tyres, and the outer shell are produced from 100% Michelin rubber which is 28% more wear resistant than TPU and delivers excellent grip in all weathers.

– S.L.W.2 closing system:
The micrometric system S.L.W. 2 (Speed Lace Winch) represents the evolution of the closure system. Maximum precision and modularity. The innovative step-by-step closure means you’ll be able to tighten and enlarge the fit in a couple of moments.
The side button provides a dual function: by pressing, it features a micrometric release and lifting it allows a complete and immediate opening of the shoe. More lightweight and thinner. The dial has been completely redesigned in size and weight, resulting in being significantly lighter and thinner. The external covering in soft touch material also makes the grip more effective.
The ergonomic shape of the S.L.W. 2 ratchet follows the anatomy of the foot to make it truly comfortable. The S.L.W. 2 ratchet is easily replaceable. The cables come from the most efficient technology derived from the world of sailing.

– Thermowelded protections:
We gave the upper thermowelded reinforced protection to give protection to your feet from any injuries caused by branches or stones.


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