NEW Fulcrum Red Power XL 27.5″ IS-disc 15mm T-A/142 wheelset MSRP $499.99

Fulcrum Red Power XL 27.5″ IS-disc 15mm T-A/142 wheelset 

MSRP $499.99 DLLS

The Red Power XL 650B is the 27,5” performance solution available to a much broader audience as it offers the same Fulcrum quality as the highest end models in a reasonably heavier version. Weighing in at a very respectable 1816 grams for the pair, this new wheel is ready for anything you’ll be able to throw at it. Double seal construction ensures that these wheels handle their efficiency over time despite the rough conditions encountered on the trail. 
With its oversized aluminum hub, lightweight axle and the possibility to use either a traditional quick release or a 15mm QR, this wheelset is perfect for your local race or the long weekend ride with friends. 

New 27,5” milled rim:
extremely lightweight. Excellent lateral stiffness and increased reactivity of the wheel. 

Oversized nipples in aluminium:
reduce the peripheral mass of the wheel whilst increasing structural integrity. 

Nipples with self-locking system:
these handle the tension of the spokes over time – they do not require maintenance. 

Sealed industrial bearings:
exceptional quality and smoothness; high efficiency over time. 

Oversize axle: aluminium construction
permits a higher degree of lateral stiffness and high torque transmission. 

What is the ideal wheel? This is the question that every biker asks before buying a wheel – and Fulcrum wants that will help you find an answer. That is why, in collaboration with professional riders and cycling enthusiasts, Fulcrum defined the 3 most important parameters as a way to enable you to make a choice the best wheel for your riding style and needs. On a scale of 1-10 the Red Power XL Disc MTB Wheelset has received the following rating: 

W. = Weight: 7,5
R. = Reactivity: 8
S. = Smothness: 8 

An overview of the W.R.S. classification you are going to find under attachments. 

Red Power XL wheels are compatible with clinchers and with all ISO six-bolt braking systems. 

The front wheel of the Red Power XL is compatible with front-wheel 15mm thru axles. This kit which is included in delivery will enable you to customize your Red Power XL to suit your bike’s features. 

note This product has been designed and manufactured for use only on bicycles of the “cross-country” and “enduro” types. Do not use them for downhill, freestyle, acrobatic, four-cross or any extreme MTB riding.


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