Fulcrum Red Wind 80 XLR Dark USB Clincher Wheelset Campagnolo Bullet Carbon CULT


Fulcrum Red Wind 80
XLR Dark Label (USB) Clincher Wheelset Campagnolo Hub


This wheelset is new
and was never used on the roads. The set was out for display in our shop and
was at one time mounted to a display TT bike. Therefore, tires have been
mounted and removed as well as a cassette. That TT bike was placed on a trainer
for a test ride so the rear brake surface my show signs of use. Another way this
set is new in the original box with all original accessories as pictured. This
set did not come with wheel bags. The description below is per Fulcrum /


Red Wind XLR 80 wheels use aerodynamic carbon fiber profile rims
(80mm) with an aluminum braking surface providing optimized performance in all
weather conditions so no need of specific pads.

Top Features of the Fulcrum Red Wind 80 XLR Dark
Label (USB) Clincher Wheelset

Campagnolo Free Hub Body

Weight: 1790g

Rim width: 20.5mm

Height: 80mm

3D hub-spoke hole for straight pull spokes
providing great stiffness and long lasting spoke tension

USB bearings

Anti rotation system

Aluminum/carbon fiber composite construction

Aluminum braking surface

16 radial aero spokes – low drag force

18 Two-to-One spoke ratio (12:6) – more
effective transmission of the drive torque and appropriate

The Red Wind Series has been designed and developed with the aim
of perfectly integrating two materials that make up the rim: an aluminum rim
and the carbon body. Thanks to the implementation of an exclusive coupling
process between the aluminum rim and the carbon structure, the rim is extremely
rigid, which allows for excellent responsiveness and outstanding durability of
the wheel. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive molding system of the rim with
non-primed carbon, the weight has been dramatically reduced and the surface has
no imperfections.


Integrated aluminium/carbon road bike rims structure: the
exclusive coupling system of the aluminium rim and carbon structure makes these
road bike rims extremely rigid, it allows to an excellent responsiveness levels
and durability of the wheel.

Exclusive pressing system for the rim in unpainted carbon enables an extremely
limited weight and a smooth surface free from imperfections.



USB™ ULTRA SMOOTH BEARINGS, the maximum on the subject of smoothness
thanks to using special reduced lubricant bearings.

The cone and cup technology with absolute performance: easy ball/bearing
adjustment reduces imaginable ball/bearing play, offer precision operation,
maintains performance over time.

Aluminium hub body (gives the wheel a high degree of lateral stiffness and
reduces weight to the minimum) with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™
technology transmits all the power to the ground.

Aluminum axle reduces the overall weight of the wheel.


Increases the torsional stiffness and reactivity at each change
of the rhythm of the pedal stroke.


Aerodynamic profile in steel ensures the maximum aerodynamic
penetration and, thanks to the material employed, lower weight and greater

Self-locking oversize aluminium nipples: they reduce the peripheral mass of the
road bike wheels to a minimum, thus increasing responsiveness.

The nipples with “self-locking” system provides the correct tension
of the spokes and does not require any maintenance.



Perfectly smooth
surfaces and lower friction to reduce loss of power are the most interesting

Add on the reduced weight and resistance to corrosion and you
will understand why we will be able to give you the best thanks to USB™. All your power
will be transferred onto the road.

Campagnolo® has a long-standing reputation for the extremely
high performance of its hubs on the subject of smoothness and reliability.

In truth, all the projects are entirely developed in our
R&D department Campy Tech Lab™ and we have put obsessive care into taking
care of every detail.

The hubs with USB™ ceramic bearings (Ultra Smooth Bearings)
further give a boost to the wheels’ smoothness and reduce weight and the need for

Comparative tests have shown that USB™ bearings are 50%
smoother than standard bearings.

Now improving your performance right through the race or simply
going for a ride with your friends will be easier.

USB™ – Ultra Smooth Bearings – technology is used for Record™
cranksets and for the new Shamal™ Ultra™ wheels.

Please see
detailed photos of the actual item.


PayPal is the only accepted form of payment. The item will
ship the next business day after the PayPal payment has been made. If you
will have to have any questions please ask them prior to bidding. I will be able to be happy to
answer your questions

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