Fulcrum Red Power XL 650b Wheelset 5 19/32/0 15/32in 0 19/32/3 15/16in


650b / 27.5 “Fulcrum wheel set red power XL”

Length: 142/12 mm rear, 15/100 mm front

6 bolt brake mounts

Shimano freewheel 8/9/10 x

The red power XL 650 (B) is the high-performance solution with 27,5 “
to provide quality like all hi-end models in a quite heavier diesel be Fulcrum to a much broader target audience, since he has.

This new wheel for all challenges is in a position with a weight of 1816 grams per set. A special construction with double gasket ensures that these wheels even within the toughest off-road conditions deliver all the time a top performance.


New, machined 27.5 “rim:”
Extremely easy. Superb lateral stiffness and further optimized responsiveness of the wheel

Straight-head spokes in steel:
high spoke tension, maximum stiffness and responsiveness.

self-locking nipple:
safe the spoke tension for a very long time – absolutely maintenance-free.

Sealed cartridge bearings:
exceptional quality and ease of movement; efficient and durable.

Oversize aluminum hub:
enables a higher degree of lateral stiffness and optimum torque transmission


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