Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR Tubular Carbon Lightweight Wheelset


These are professional, grand tour level wheels. They’re in mint condition! I am moving to clinchers on all of my bikes now for convenience so these have to go! They’re nearly modern with approximately 300 miles on them. They’re being listed for just about half the cost of new!

Racing Speed™ wheels are much loved by professional cyclists. Their widespread diffusion is as a result of the wheel’s many features: the high rim profile combined with lightness make this model particularly suitable for the most varied racing situations. 

In the Racing Speed™ XLR version the hub body is made of carbon.  The balls of the bearings enforce CULT™ technology with its super-high strength and smoothness thanks to Cronitect® stainless steel with thermo-chemically treated surface layer.  The rim has a 50 millimetre profile and is supported by 18 radially-laced spokes in the front wheel and 21 in the rear with doubling at the freehub side the use of Two-to-One™ technology.

The carbon rims are made the use of a particular technique by which the carbon fabric is aligned in order that the resulting rim is all the time balanced.

The use of pads for special brakes is necessary (supplied). 

Racing Speed XLR is compatible with Campagnolo®, Shimano Inc., or Sram Co. drivetrain systems and are supplied with the new Fulcrum® quick release.


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