FULCRUM RACING 3.5 ALLOY WHEELSET W/ 11-25 Ultegra 11s Cassette!


Fulcrum Racing 3.5 Road Wheelset

Take off of latest/demo bike. Wheels are new and true! 

Includes:  New Shimano 11 speed Ultegra 11-25 cassette and skewers! 

The advantage is within the rim: no holes and subsequently no rim tape, to the advantage of both stiffness and weight. The Racing 3 continues to represent probably the most reliable “travelling companion” for training rides and the “ideal partner” for any form of race.


Milled rims for reduced peripheral weight and increased reactivity

25mm front and rear rim height for agility and tool transfer

Anti Rotation spoke eyelets to take care of stiffness and keep the wheel true

Straight Pull Spokes

High quality steel bearings

Oversized flange 9% more torsional stiffness. Greater reactivity to every change in pedalling tempo and more efficient power transmission to the wheel

11-Speed Shimano Cassette Body / 10-Speed compatible with spacer

Quick Releases

Spokes: Front-20, Rear-24

Rim Depth: Mid


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