DT Swiss RR1.2 Wheel Set, Shimano Ultegra 8/9/10 Spd Hubs,700c Road Bike Wheels


Bicycle Wheel Warehouse is offering this NEW set of DT Swiss RR1.2 700c wheels with Shimano Ultegra 6600 silver 8/9/10 speed Quick- Release hubs/axles. The RR1.2 rim has a 13.9mm inner width, 19.5mm outer width, and is 30.5mm deep. They’re built up with DT Swiss Silver Stainless double butted Competition Spokes and DT
Swiss Silver Brass Nipples. The front wheel has 24 spokes, laced 1 cross, the rear wheel has 28 spokes laced 3 cross.  This auction is for the above listed wheel set and includes Velox cloth rim tape and QR levers. 

Wheel set weight for the pair 1975 grams. (870g Front / 1105g

This wheel set is brand new, ready to ride. These wheel
sets are discontinued from our standard product line, that we are now offering through our e-bay
overstock and blemished program. Because it’s not purchased through our
website, the usual Bicycle Wheel Warehouse warranty DOES NOT apply.
These wheels are sold AS-IS.

Bicycle Wheel Warehouse offers precision built wheels
ready to ride. All of our wheels are 100% built in house by hand, checked
and rechecked for proper spoke tension and wheel trueness. Our attention
to detail right through the build process, from start to finish, makes our wheels
superior to any other wheels to be had. We do little things that make a lasting
difference, like seating spoke heads against the hub flanges with our own
proprietary tools, in order that spoke tension doesn’t dramatically change as soon as
you put weight on your new wheels the first time you try them out. We stress
relieve the spokes more than one times, to help the spokes seat properly against one
another and the hub flanges.  Using top quality lubricants on spoke
threads and on nipples helps our wheels last longer, and makes them more
serviceable.  We have professional grade equipment in which to check
tension and wheel trueness, far more precise than what is to be had to the
regular bike shop.

 As a result of the change in shipping terms from UPS and FedEx
as of January 1, 2017, all our wheels will be at a flat rate shipping charge:
26″ wheel sets ship for $35 anywhere in the continental US, 650b/700c
wheel sets are $40 flat rate to anywhere in the continental US.


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