Custom Made 2016 Mavic A719 Shimano T670-S 36 Hole Touring-Commuting Wheelset


Custom Made 2016 Mavic A719 Shimano T670-S 36 Hole Touring-Commuting Wheelset

Custom Made 2016 Mavic A719 Shimano T670-S 36 Hole Touring-Commuting Wheelset

Here we have a Custom Built 2016 Titanium Grey Shimano LX T670 Front and Titanium Grey LX T670 135mm Rear 36 Hole Ultra High End Touring/Commuting Wheelset. 
These wheels were designed by the owner of the bike shop using a complete array of top of the line, Dedicated Touring specific components. This wheel set not only represents the foundation of a heavy gear laden ride, it also represents the type of touring ride you’ll enjoy. 

So, here is our build:
Mavic’s Highest Level 700c, touring specific rim, the A719, was chosen as the platform of this build because they, are simply some of the finest touring rim available. Made in France, they are extremely light weight, at the same time as at the same time being incredibly durable and strong as a result of their fully welded seam, they are made specifically for serious distance and full pack tourers.
Shimano’s Top of the Line LX T670 Hubs, which Shimano makes specifically for dedicated Touring and Commuting cyclists, hence the “T”, were also hand picked as the companion to the A719 for their legendary, industry wide reputation for holding the highest marks in durability, strength, and performance.
If you are on the lookout for a Touring or Commuting wheel set that raises your ride experience up to a new level, I have no doubts at all that you’re going to find this wheel set to be the perfect match.

Tom’s Tech Specs:
  • Rims: 2015 Mavic A719 700c Clincher Rim
  • Rim Width: 27mm
  • Rim Color: Black
  • Spoke Count: 36
  • Rim Type: Machined Rim Brake
  • Front Hub: Shimano LX T670
  • Color: Titanium Grey
  • Spacing: 100mm (QR is included)
  • Rear Hub: Shimano LX T670 
  • Speeds: 8, 9, 10 Speed      
  • Compatibility: Works with both Shimano and Sram Cassettes   
  • Spacing: 135mm Quick Release (skewer included)
  • Color: Titanium Grey 
  • Spokes: Silver DT Swiss 2.0 w/ DT Swiss Brass Nipples
  • Weight: 2140 weighed on our shop scale 

Regarding us, we are a small bike shop at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado. We have had our bike shop for over 10 years, and have been selling online for over 17 years. All of us who work here are extremely invested in the bike industry, in our customers, and in our community in general. We enjoy what we do here a lot, and many days pass where we feel like what we do is not work. Speaking for myself, I will safely say that sourcing and selling cycling components online, answering questions, serving our customers both new and old, and being the face of our virtual bike shop, is more than a occupation for me, it is a passion.

Having dedicated a large part of my life to either being a daily commuter cyclist when I used to be younger, to spending years on end touring around North America, to starting and managing our bike shop, to designing and manufacturing custom wheelsets, to managing our online sales, I will think of nothing else I would reasonably be doing. I imagine all of us who work here, though we may have different past experiences, all share the same passion for what we do here.
My hope is, that as our online customer, you’ll
feel as if you had visited our shop, gotten to know us, and felt more than pleased with your experience.

We look forward to serving you.



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