Campagnolo Nuovo Record High-Flange Hubs/Super Champion Medaille D’Or Rim Wheels


Matched pair, front and rear.  For tubular (glue-on) tires only.  Rare, 28 spoke-count in each. 700c (ertro 622mm.)

Very lightly used, in very good condition.  Some tiny scuffs, nicks, and scratches, and a small amount of brake shoe residue. Some minuscule rust spots on spokes, and fairly a bit of dust, oily grunge, and tarnishing, which could be somewhat easily wiped off and polished with dazzling results.

Campagnolo hubs are in excellent condition with
super-smooth, well-adjusted bearings, and beautiful, unscuffed, correct-vintage, straight-handled, pre-1977
skewers. No front skewer is shown, but an exactly matching, complete, excellent-condition front skewer will be included.  100mm OLND front, and 120mm rear.

Freewheel threading is FRENCH/Metric/34.7 x 1.0M (standard English or Italian freewheels will not work.)
If you want an excellent, compatible freewheel (not included) please inquire, or click on
See other items .

Original Clement Seta (silk) tires are now dead, deceased, and no longer useable, on account of rotten inner tubes. One retains air for just a few minutes at most, and on the other it leaks out immediately.

Wheels are round and true, with (by current standards) slightly low spoke tension.  Spokes are chrome-plated, and have some rust.  They have an insignia embossed on their heads I cannot identify.

Super Champion Competition “Medaille D’Or” (Gold Medal) rims are very lightweight at about 270g each, especially for a double-eyelet design, and are reputed to be surprisingly durable. About 20mm wide.

May possibly have come from some early 70’s top-line Motobecane Team Champion or a Gitane Tour de France, and were probably swapped out for a clincher wheelset, as happened with many of the high-end bikes of that era sold here in the US. But I don’t actually know–28-spoke wheels were pretty bizarre at that time in the US market.

FedEx available only for the 48 contiguous states– USPS to all points beyond. 

Extremely high shipping rate to some destinations (eg, Australia) is because of smaller 79″ (girth + length) carton size restriction for that country on every service except for ‘Global Express Guaranteed’.   If your country is not listed, please ask for a quote before purchase.
Free insured shipping within the US.


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