Campagnolo Eurus G3 clincher wheelset, Campy 9/10/11 freehub


If you are on the lookout for a great set of Eurus wheels, this is your lucky day. I am the original owner of this wheelset and I put less than 1000 miles on them before they went into storage about 3 years ago. (Starting racing triathlons). They’re straight and true with minimal brake track wear and smooth bearings. You’ll be able to tell but the hub body They’re in excellent condition. No dings, hops, or wobbles. The original skewers and wheelbags, paperwork is included. The tires are Continental GP which do not have numerous miles on them, but there is some cracking because they’ve been in storage. I would ride them without worry for a whilst, but you might be more particular. I don’t recall what kind of tubes are in them. Ridden be 125 female rider.

This set of Eurus is more comfortable than the new ones in my view, think this is because the spokes are steel and not aluminum??


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