Campagnolo C-Record hub/WHEEL/DT-Edco alloy/Sun USA CR16 20″BMX 24°rim/Titanium


Rear ONLY.  NO FRONT. Tire is shown but is not in very good condition, and is not included.

Very lightly used rear wheel, in excellent condition.  Wheel made in Independence, MO, USA in the early 90’s by Mark Pace with Campagnolo C-Record freewheel hub, Sun USA rim, Swiss (Edco/DT) spoke nipples, and Japanese (Asahi/Wheelsmith) spokes.  The entire nipples are blue-anodized aluminum-alloy apart from for the 2 next to the valve stem, which are chromed brass for better balance. Special asymmetrical spoke pattern provides ‘automatic’ wheel dish with maximum strength and reliability, thanks to nearly equal left/right spoke tension. 36-hole hub with each and every 3rd hole skipped, laced to 24-hole rim.  Spokes were custom-cut on a Phil Wood spoke machine.

Spaced as shown for 120mm frames and a 1-speed freewheel. Other options is also to be had, to suit other frame widths and to accommodate more than a few freewheels from 1 through 7 speeds. No freewheel is included.

Hollow, quick-release road axle is hooked up with an ultralight, USA-made, Keep watch over Tech “race skewer” with titanium-alloy 5mm rod and aluminum alloy end-caps, fastened via a 5mm Allen wrench.

Wheel bearings are perfect, with the exceptionally wonderful smoothness for which Campagnolo is so renowned. 

The rim is a USA-made (not merely “designed in USA”) Sun model CR16, double-wall, very lightweight, size 20″ x 1.75″ (ertro 406mm, and fits any 20″ tires with a decimal size designation, such as 1.50, 1.9, 2.125, 2.3, and so forth, and so forth.) Will NOT fit tires with a fractional designation such as 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″.  Hooked beads for protected tire retention, with a very smooth, consistent, well-made, non-welded joint, sleeved and bonded. Parallel sidewalls provide excellent rim-braking, wet or dry. Drilled for Schrader valve.

Wheel is exceptionally round and true, with uniformly high spoke tension. All nipples are undamaged and none are frozen.

FedEx option is to be had only for the contiguous 48 states.


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