29 DT Swiss 350 or 240s / Race Face ARC 27 30 35 40 45 Wheel Set, PLUS Option



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DT Swiss / ARC Wheelset 

  • 29″ wheels 
  • Race Face ARC rims – The BEST trail, enduro and plus alloy tubeless ready rims currently available – Five models, 27, 30, 35, 40 or 45mm wide internally – a wide profile provides extra stability and allows lower air pressure for ground hugging traction
  • Plus rim option, Velocity Dually – 675 grams, 39mm internal
  • Buttery smooth, DT Swiss hubs – 18 tooth star ratchet with 20 degree engagement or optional 54 tooth ratchet for quick 6.7 degree engagement – This simple, light, yet extremely durable system has proven itself with well over a decade of use within the industry
  • 54 tooth star ratchet option – $90 and we will be able to invoice you later
  • Three spoke options laced 32, three cross standard – or choose any 28, 32 front / rear spoke combination
  • Disc brake specific
  • Complete wheelset weights as low as 1719 grams (ARC 27 hubs, CX-Ray spokes, alloy spoke nipples)
  • Taped for tubes or tubeless
  • Two year hub warranty

Nothing inspires confidence on the trail like a custom wheelset hand-built with meticulous attention to detailOur experienced wheel builder will start them for you as soon as conceivable, and we will be able to ship them, frequently, in 7-14 days.

I am an experienced bike mechanic since 1995. If you have questions, special requests or interests, or want help with your build, please feel free to contact me. I can do my best to assist you.

Thank You & RIDE ON, 

Wayne / SpeedGear Bike Shop – like us on Facebook!

We will contact you after an order is placed for the build specifics, or send a note if you know what you wish to have. Choose one item per category plus spoke / nipple color.

Hubs – Select in drop down menu

  1. 350
  2. 240s

The 240s hubshells are machined in Switzerland and they contain hollow star ratchets and upgraded stainless steel bearings over the 350 model – 60 grams lighter par pair

Rotor mounts 

  1. 6-bolt
  2. Centerlock

If you have 6-bolt rotors and you wish to have to keep them but like the centerlock idea, we will be able to include a pair of centerlock to 6-bolt adapters for $30 and invoice you later.


  1. ARC 27, best suited for trail riding, 1993 grams *
  2. ARC 30, best suited for trail and enduro riding, 2033 grams *
  3. ARC 35, best suited for trail, enduro riding and wider tires, 2119 grams * – this option adds $30 and we will be able to invoice you later
  4. ARC+ 40, best suited for 2.5 – 3″ tires, 2225 grams * – this option adds $50 and we will be able to invoice you later
  5. ARC+ 45, best suited for 2.8 – 3.3″ tires, 2343 grams * – this option adds $70 and we will be able to invoice you later
* standard build, average weight for complete wheelset with 6-bolt disc, 350 hubs, 32 / 32 Sapim Race spokes & brass nipples
   – subtract 70 grams with centerlock disc hubs
   – subtract 60 grams with 240s hubs
   – subtract 80 grams with Laser spokes 
         or subtract 100 grams with CX-Ray spokes
   – subtract 44 grams with alloy nipples

Cassette body

  1. Standard freehub for all 10, 9 & 8 speed drivetrains, and Shimano 11 speed mtb
  2. XD driver for Sram 11 & 12 speed mtb cassettes

both easily convertible – no tools required

    Front hub axle 

    1.  9 x 100 quick release
    2. 15 x 100 thru axle
    3. 15 x 110 boost thru axle – this option adds $40 and we will be able to invoice you later
    4. Lefty – 240s only

    QR / 15 x 100 easily convertible with specific end caps

    Rear hub axle

    1. 10 x 135 quick release
    2. 12 x 142 thru axle
    3. 12 x 148 boost thru axle – this option adds $40 and we will be able to invoice you later

    QR / 12 x 142 easily convertible with specific end caps


      1. Sapim Race 2.0 / 1.8 – black or silver – standard
      2. Sapim Laser 2.0 / 1.5 – black or silver – this option adds $40 and we will be able to invoice you later
      3. Sapim CX-Ray 2.0 / .9 -2.2 aero bladed – black or silver – this option adds $120 and we will be able to invoice you later
      Sapim Race spokes are a perfect blend of strength to weight – Great all around choice

      Sapim Laser’s are butted thinner in the middle – 80 grams lighter than Race spokes – Great for lighter riders, racers or when used with stiff rims

      Sapim CX-Rays are aero bladed, butted spokes that are somewhat stonger than Laser spokes and 100 grams lighter than Race spokes. They build up better because the spoke can easily be held in place to eliminate winding. Great for lighter riders, racers or when used with stiff rims

        Spoke nipples 

        1. Brass – silver or black 
        2. Alloy – silver, black, redblueorangegoldlime, purple or light blue

        Brass – Strong and long lasting, brass spoke nipples will withstand water, salt and mud and are easy to true after years of service.

        Alloy – Save 44 grams per wheelset but don’t seem to be as resiliant or durable as brass. On the other hand, we use the best alloy nipple available. Sapim Polyax 7075-T6, heat treated for extra strength with a special coating for corrosion resistance and low friction at the spoke interface.


        • US $35 
        • Canada $60
        • All other countries $80

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