26″ Schwinn Women’s Windwood Cruiser Bike, Blue


Relaxing Exercise With The Schwinn Women’s Bikes.
If you end up cruising along on your newSchwinn Women Bike, you’ll be able to enjoy
relaxing exercise that helps you get back into shape in a stress-free manner.

Whether you wish to have a super cute way to spend some time in the great outdoors or
are searching for a relaxing way to get to work or the shops, this bike is an
option. The 26-inch wheels are large enough for simple pedaling and
perfect for riders who are more than 60 inches tall. This cruiser is
engineered for comfort
and has a stylish blue frame that complements the
gently curving handlebars.

TheSchwinn Women’s Bikes feature a great cruiser design with a matching
rack on the back. Having a rack on the rear of your bike is a smart option
and lets
you shuttle to the store without wasting gas. Engineered for maximum
durability, the cruiser is outfitted with alloy rims and a coaster brake. The
ensures stopping is easy and allows you to ride in style and safety. The
cruiser is ideal for longer trips and has a padded spring saddle to ensure
your comfort
is a priority.

  • When
    you wish to have a relaxing cruiser, the Schwinn Women Bike is a stylish option
  • 26-inch wheels are perfect for riders taller than 60 inches and enable the
    easiest ride
  • Schwinn cruiser frame has matching fenders and a rear rack, so you’ll be able to
    carry groceries or packages with ease
  • Style and comfort with a blue tubular frame and a padded spring saddle


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