26″ Schwinn Men’s Windwood Cruiser Bike, Silver


Windwood 26 in. Men’s Bike Makes it Easy to Go back and forth in Comfort and

Who says bike riding can’t be fun? With the Schwinn Windwood 26 in. Men’s
Bike, you are able to get wherever you wish to have to go easily. Whether you have

errands to run or planned a bike go back and forth on your favorite trail for an exciting
day of fitness, you’ve found your perfect fit. A traditional Schwinn cruiser
model, your
Windwood men’s bike will make it easier than ever to pedal or
coast without wasting time and energy.

Schwinn bikes are all about convenience and style, and you’ll be able to find both
with the sleek, classic Schwinn Windwood. Designed with a comfortable seat to
you on the move and a silver frame with red and black accents, you’ll be able to
look as good as you feel at the same time as on the go. Equipped with a handy over-tire
rack to
help you store bags or books, you’ll be able to guarantee your ride will be a
success, no matter where you’re heading.

  • The 26
    in. wheel frames fits most heights, but seatpost and handlebars can be
    adjusted to make things more comfy for everyone
  • Padded seat is perfect for longer trips where comfort is a should, and the
    seat spring absorbs rough road shock
  • Single-speed drive system is ideal for riders who truly don’t wish to mess
    around with shifting confusing gear systems
  • Alloy rims ensure that bike frame remains strong and durable in the face of
    corrosive weather conditions
  • Classic beach cruiser look keeps you styling as you ride


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