2015 Cannondale Quick 6 – Women’s, Size S – INV-12881


Brand: Cannondale
Model: Fast 6 – Ladies’s
Year: 2015
Serial: FM15583
Condition: Fair
Category: Hybrid

Condition Report
Wheels: Fair
Frame: Fair
Drive Train: Good
Rubber: Good
Touch Points: Fair
Is 26″ wheeled mountain motorcycle?: No
Is Bicycle Clean?: Yes

Description of Fair

  • The frame or fork or parts or accessories has cosmetic blemishes.
  • The frame (if metal) has minor dings
  • Front and/or Rear shock must be serviced
  • Paint is faded rather and/or rather discolored and scratched.
  • The bicycle has a few mechanical problems and a tune up is necessary
  • An overhaul is recommended
  • Multiple portions wish to be replaced
  • Front and Rear hydraulic brakes wish to be bled (if applicable)


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