2011 Trek Speed Concept 9.9 XL


Selling this 2011 Trek Speed Concept 9.9.

I bought this bike used from a guy last minute because I needed a bike for the State Time Trial. It was once a little more used than he led on. Nearly Each and every bolt was once rusted to piss and it took me several weeks to get everything built up new again. I replaced Each and every bolt on the bike. LITERALLY. Each and every. Single. Bolt. And I greased every one individually.
Bike has new rear brakes and pads and a brand spanking new seatpost compression clamp/bolt with fresh carbon paste.
It is 10 speed Dura Ace Di2 with both the aero bar shifter buttons and the hood shifter buttons.
The picture shows a Quarq on the bike but it’s going to not come with the Quarq. I will be able to put the Dura Ace crank on there that came with it. I just needed power for the time trial.
Full bike with the wheels come in the package in addition to 1 battery for the Di2 and the charger. Does not come with pedals.
The frame has sweat bubbles far and wide it because the guy that had it before me didn’t deal with it at all. It doesn’t have an effect on the integrity of the frame at all though as I have had it looked at by a bike shop. Bike is solid though. Took me to 2nd at the state time trial.
Let me know when you’ve got any questions.


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