1983 Trek 760 Campy SR/Cinelli 64cm


1983/84 Trek 760 531C Full Campy SR/Cinelli 64cm


I’m the original owner of this late ‘83 model steel-framed
build.  Purchased the frame from the
works at Waterloo (at the time, I lived about 10 miles from the factory.)  Had my local builder put it together as a
triathlon bike, then raced it about 10x. 
Did some training rides on it but it has never been down, nor has it
EVER seen a wet road – no rain at all.  I
haven’t ridden in a nearly a dozen years and it has lived in the garage since
new.  Here are the components and


Campagnolo Super Record Gruppo – the only non-Campy parts
are the bar and stem which are Cinelli, the toe-clip straps (Binda), the brake
hoods (Dia-Compe), and saddle, a blue SLG Hinault Turbo. The rims are Mavic GP4
and the sew-ups will need replacing though they hold air just fine.


This is a bike for a tall person – I’m 6’5” (or was once when I
got it) and it has criterium geometry.


Seat tube length: 62.8

Seat tube angle: 73.0 degrees

Head tube angle: 73.75 degrees

Top tube length: 59.5

Chain stay length: 41.5

Rake 4.2

Drop 7.5

Wheel base: 101.5

(all measurements in cm. unless specified)


The bike has a few nicks in the paint but no dings.  I treated the inside of the tubes with rust
protector on a few occasions over time.
  The gruppo is in excellent condition and the
plastic/rubber bits are very good aside from the tires.
  I attempted to show the paint flaws with
photos, which also serve as testament to overall condition of the bike.
  No real want to sell this or my ’72 Gitane
TDF (listed here as well) but if I am getting a fair price it’ll go.
  Should the bike need shipping, contact me for
details – I’ve listed it as local only and it’s for sale here as well on other
  Questions?  Please ask.


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