’16 / ’17 Rome Targa Mens Bindings – S/M *NEW* Color: Copper Trees


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’16 / ’17 Rome Targa Mens Bindings – S/M *NEW* Color: Copper Trees
COMES IN ORIGINAL BOX.  This is an Actual Picture of the Bindings!
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Binding Description:

Responsive, bomb-proof power is the secret when riding the new overhauled Targa. A completely redesigned highback, a new UnderWrap chassis, and the addition of our PivotMount Technology creates a new binding for riders who go big and ride fast. Created for riders like Stale, Bjorn and Alek who demand a sturdy binding with an ultra responsive highback for sending it deep and tweaking hard.

-PivotMount Strap Technology
-New PowerChord Highback
-V-Rod Baseplate
-New UltraAdjust Ankle Strap
-New ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
-UnderWrap.4 Heel Hoop
-Yes, I Cant Technology
-Full Highback Rotation with Channel Adjust
-AutoStrap Technology
-New EVA SubBase V-Pad (D3O at the Stale pro model)
-A couple of Strap Positions
-QuickAdjust for Strap Length
-Infinite Range Forward Lean Adjuster
-Flex:  6-10
Fits Men’s Boot Sizes 4-9

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