How to Ride a Fixie Bike Downhill

If you’ve recently purchased a fixie bike, you should be very comfortable with your choice. It has made it possible for you to commute around town with ease. However, fixed gears bikes are completely different from the free wheel bikes everyone is accustomed to. It is important that whether or not you’re going downhill or round corners you study the strategies that can assist you to ride a fixed gear bike effeciently and safely.

Starting your journey with fixie bike

The most important factor of riding fixed geared bike is controlling the speed particularly when you find yourself going downhill. This is because when you find yourself travelling downhill the bike will start gaining speed all by itself and therefore it’s essential that you learn how to control the pace and still go downhill without any issues.

Thus, when you begin your journey with a fixie it’s important to know how to brake in an effort to control your fixie without any accidents or crashes. There is totally different method to ride your fixie while going downhill than a standard bike.

Any fixers will recommend that it’s best to divide the hills in two methods, the primary one being obstructed hills where it’s possible you’ll be obstructed by traffics, stop signs, or some other obstacle like sand, oil, or pot holes.

Obstructed hills

While going through the obstructed hills it’s vital to control the roll. Different strategies for which can be:

  • Slaloming is a technique that’s practiced primarily by roller bladders or skiers. While carving through the turns it’s crucial to think about the front wheel. It is kind of a straightforward technique that can really assist you to decelerate. Even if you’re tired you’ll discover it convenient. However, it ought to be carried out solely when there’s sufficient free area.
  • Another braking method on a fixie is backpedaling. While descending you’ll be able to control the forward movement of the bike. It helps you decelerate the speed when you start going too quick. Even if there are any obstructions it is possible for you to to manage them. When you approach a stop sign test this method out to learn how to slow down your fixie.

Unobstructed hills

Rarely will you discover any unobstructed hill. However if you happen to get the chance to ride one, make sure to know what your top RPM is and ask yourself if you can deal with the slope. It’s crucial to always look out for any potential obstacles while you’re travelling in an unobstructed hill to prevent accidents. 

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