Top 5 Reasons To Ride a Fixie Bike

Fixed gear bikes have increased in popularity over the past couple of years. They make look like ride road bikes are first glance, but they are lot simpler in design. Which means they are easier to maintain. If you are wondering why people might consider a fixie bike over any other type of bike here are the top 5 reasons:

Aesthetics. Fixie bikes are as bare bones as they get which results in an ultra clean look. Most fixie bike fanatics say that fixed geared bikes are bikes in their purest kind. There no frills to distract from the clean lines that so many cyclists have come to love looking at.

Price. Most fixie bikes are considerably cheaper than their geared counterparts. Mostly because of the fact that there are fewer components which additionally leads to much less maintenance. Less components equals less parts that could potential break down over time.

The experience. There is a togetherness a rider feels with their fixie and the street than with geared bikes. The lack of annoying clicks and the mind space freed when you do not take into consideration shifting all lead to one thought. Just pedal.  You can stop worrying about shifting and spend extra time taking in your surroundings.

Training. Even avid cyclists see the potential value of fixie bikes for training.  It helps implement cadence (you can’t take breaks from pedaling on a fixie), or for strength training (because you’re in a higher gear than normal on hills).

Culture.  There is little question that one of many main causes fixed geared fanatics prefer fixie bikes is as a result of lifestyle that has built up around fixies. From clothes, to TV commercials and even celebrities: fixie bikes are cool. The group of fixie bike riders is tight but at the same time continuing to increase abroad and within the USA.  

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